The Promise of Christmas

Before anything, God.

Father, Son, and Spirit existing perfectly

Not needing anything, having everything

With a love so full it was bound to break free.


The Father, working by the Spirit

Through the Son speaks and shows His might

Nothing becomes something when He cries

“Let there be light!”


Everything screams about His Name

From the playful dolphin to the busy ant

The unmoving oak to the blazing sun

Yet YHWH is still more radiant.


The crown of creation is

Set not upon the lion nor the gazelle.

The image of God is molded out of dust

And He makes man, male and female.


Man walked with God

And was given work by the Most High.

Subdue the Earth, bring out its potential

Be fruitful and multiply.


No strife did Man face,

Not between God, Himself, or Earth.

He was at harmony with all

Full of happiness, trust, and mirth.


Alas, that is not our story now

And Man did not always hold God so dear.

For Satan, the Accuser, came to

Whisper deadly lies in Eve’s ear.


“Did God really say?” He asked.

“Surely you will not die, my sweet,

Rather, God knows you will be like Him

If you take the fruit and eat.”


Eve ate and so did Adam

At that moment, Hell full of elation

Man, the head, had now fallen

And with him all creation.


God cursed His creation.

He called to the man and his wife.

Their work would no longer be easy

And the penalty for sin would be their very life.


God would have been just

To wipe out man,

Instead, God had designed

From before creation, a Master Plan.


With His curses, God

Promised something to the Snake.

Pain and sorrow mankind would endure

But His People He would not forsake.


From Woman would come

A seed who would be beaten dead

But in that act,

He would crush the Serpent’s head.


Centuries would pass,

Countless sons were born after the Fall.

Kings, warriors, and priests were given by God

Yet death proved the end of them all.


Had God forgotten?

Were God’s People to be forever doomed?

God reminded, “I do not change; therefore;

O children of Jacob, you are not consumed.”


God, Yes God Himself,

Would come for His Holy Name’s sake.

He would come as their Redeemer

And on his back, their stripes He would take.