A Desperate Prayer for a Desperate Heart

Father, hear the cries of a desperate son who longs to know and see and hear and love and obey You more than I do. Then may my delight in You be testimony that You alone are supremely glorious and satisfying.

Open my mind. My knowing You is barred by the distortion of sin. May I know You, not as one fabricated by fanciful imagination in my own image for selfish gain, but as You have revealed yourself. Ground my knowing You, the all wise and sovereign and eternal God, in your Word in which You make yourself known so that I may delight for days unending throughout all eternity in knowing You and being known by You.

Open my eyes. My view of You is obscured by the clouds of indifference. May Christ come into view in such a glorious radiance that my eyes fix, gladly unmoved, on the surpassing and satisfying beauty of my King. May such a view, though it be through a glass dimly, ignite a flame of affection that burns away the clouds of indifference and engulfs the whole of my life in a holy fire ablaze for the glory of Christ.

Open my ears. The sound of Your voice is drowned by the clamor of doubt. Tune my ears to hear your sweet whispers that, though I often refuse to listen, speak with gentle patience words of peace and comfort and life. May the sound of Your voice ring true in the deepest recesses of my heart and draw me up from the despair of doubt and set me upon the solid ground of joyful trust in You.

Open my heart. My affection for You wains under the weight of arrogance. Work according to the promise of Your steadfast love to conform me into the image of Christ whose constant and unwavering affection is for You. Set the love of Christ at the center of my life that I would be gripped and gladly controlled by Your eternal love.

Open my obedience. In my sin I stray and wander from the path of obedience and willingly fall into the snares of empty pleasures that will never satisfy. Forbid that I walk in the broad way, in a manner unworthy of Christ, that leads to destruction and bind my feet to the narrow way counting Christ my greatest treasure and his glory my highest reward.

For the sake of Your glory in my delighting in You, hear and answer.