FaithWork Initiative

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Our work within God’s world as accountants and engineers, as fathers and mothers, as neighbors and citizens, and as brothers and sisters in Christ, is neither incidental nor accidental in God’s economy of all things. Rather, our work is both essential and necessary. In this way, the vocation of the pastor and the janitor both possess the potential to be the means through which we fulfill the greatest commandment–loving God and loving neighbor.

This vision of work stands in stark contrast to the notion that the work that really matters to God is spiritual in nature–personal devotion to Christ, church attendance and acts of charity. While these works are certainly important, to disconnect our work in spiritual matters from our work in the rest of God’s world will ultimately truncate our participation in the mission of God. The FaithWork Initiative was birthed out of a desire to equip the church to live in the whole of life laboring with Christ in the power of His Spirit to offer a foretaste of His Kingdom to the world.

The vision of the FaithWork Initiative is to affirm the innate goodness of work and to aide in directing the telos of work to join in God’s cosmic program of redemption.