One Year

March 10th, 2014. That day a beam of gloriously gracious light broke into my world. My wife gave birth to our daughter. The joy of her arrival at last took flight on the wings of nine months and two days of anticipation. And yet there lingered a deep anxiety and fear of what was to come. As I beheld the weight of fatherhood, I penned these words as an admission of my own inadequacies and as a rehearsal of the supreme sufficiency of God—both for myself and for my daughter. I pray they serve the same purpose for you as well.
Helplessly in weak arms lay
of one who for you prays
to the One who numbers your days
and keeps your way–
The One by whom all things exist
whose will can none resist
your heart’s beating causes to persist
and your breath forbids to desist.
The One who is the rightful king
whose worth beckons all to sing
the song before the throne that rings
as heavenly host their praises bring.
The One against whom you stand
guilty like Eve of breaking the command
and thus are from his presence banned
and enter exile in a foreign land.
The One who from that day
in unspeakable grace promised a way
your enemy to waste lay
and your judgment to delay.
The One who declared all must die
who His glory would decry
in love His righteous blood would supply
so with His justice to comply.
The One who from heaven came
in flesh and blood like yours the same
to upon Himself take your blame
and from the grave resurrect to reign.
The One through whom all was made
and by His blood the wrath of God stayed;
by His resurrection all things will be remade
that the curse of sin pervades.
The One who is beginning and end
is soon on clouds to descend
the whole realm of creation to mend–
This the One I to you commend.